Sunday 14th of February 2010

Monday 15th of June 2013
Cypriot night with Michael Violaris & band "Argonaftes".

Monday 15th of July 2013
Society of Friends of Music of Chania and "Mantolinata" of Chania

Monday 22th of July 2013

Manos Malaxianakis

Thursday 1st of August 2013
Leonidas Maridakis with music band "Panda Me Renda"

Wednesday, 10th of July and Monday, 12th of August 2013, exhibition opening of historical photography and tribute to Gounaris Maroudas with "Mantolinata" of Chania

Saturday 26th of October 2013
Mimmis Plessas
Thursday 12th of December 2013
Yannis Spanos
Wednesday 15th of January 2014
A book dedicated on
"Giorgos Zampetas' "
Wednesday 05th of February 2014
Kostas Hatzis
Saturday 01st of March 2014
Meri Linda and Makis Delaportas
Thuesday 8th of April 2014
Event of the foundation of the European Historic Cafes Assosiation
Thursday 15th of May 2014
Lena Manta
Wednesday 23rd of July 2014
Angeliki Nikolouli
Friday 01st of August 2014
1st Pancretan exhibition of classical bicycles
Wednesday 13th of August 2014
Galanakis Irineos
Thuesday 26th of August 2014
"Mantolinata" of Chania