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Establishing the European Historic Cafe Association


The idea of the European Historic Cafe Association was born in October 2012, in Chania, Crete, Greece, by Vasilis Stathakis, business owner of the historic Cafe “KIPOS”.
The historic Cafe “Kipos”, has been operating continuously since 1870 as a major point place of interest in the heart of the city of Chania, attracting people of culture and art, having served as well, as the Parliament of the Cretan State (09/12/1898). 
Nowadays we host high quality events: artistic, culinary festivals, literary, musical and thematic evenings etc.
It is the only Cafe in Greece that hosts a unique experience, a permanent exhibition of historic photography, tracing the history of the Cafe and that of the city, which also illustrates the Cretan State civilization and culture.


The most famous European Historic Cafes embraced the time honored combination of coffee and culture, having at times shown their hospitality to many important people of literature, art, politics and to those who have defined, in their own way, the history of their era.

It would be to the best interest of these cafes to create a bridge of communication for the exchange of opinions and organization of events with prestige, which will help the promotion and the cultural approach of every country in which these cafes are established.