The historic KIPOS CAFE, functioned by the 19th century, welcomes you to our premises and flavours, with high quality service. You are now available to experience an unique photographic tour in the history of the area and the place,

that brings out the civilization and culture of the Cretan State.

áThe exhibition, titled

"The Public Garden of Chania...the History "
(1870 - 2013)

is daily available to visit.

Assiduity of report:
Mrs Zacharenia Simandiraki
Special Assistant of the General State Archives

Opening exhibition: Monday, August 12,2012 time 20.30 pm

KIPOS CAFE, Municipality of Chania, KEPPEDIH-CAM

Under her aegis of
REGION of CRETE, Regional Unit of Chania
& Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural UNESCO Center