The History of "Kipos cafe" in Chania, through Recollections of Yesterday.

1870: The creation of the Municipal Garden of Chania was a result of people's need of a free space for a stroll andrecreation at the end of Turkish occupation.

Reuf Pasha, utilizing the established no longerwalk to the sandy area of a large Sykia, plant bagce in the ground, which is the first such as project outside the walls of the city of Chania.

KIPOS, which was in a higher level in comparison with the rest space,and had a fabulous view, parted by evergreen trees, while under their shade people caltivated flowers.

Kipos' roads constructed in accordance with the European standards and paved by sand were also covered by grape vines. Inside Garden they set two statues and a Hermes of ancient Kydonia. Twice a week the military band had a concert.

At the northwest corner of garden (position of current military club), Sakir Pasha made a tactless centralization building as a theatre, so Crete be in peace and prosperity he asked the Christian community room in the elementary school, where the first act took place in honor of consuls.

The Christian community, refused to grant the school and Pasha decided to build his own place. For that cause he also used the amount, land owner M.Mentzos had payed, in order to be allowed to built newstores at the moets of walls.

Room was built very soon and worked as a theatre,a goverment printing house, a Parliament, a dance hall etc. It collapsed in Octomber 1911.

While KIPOS worked as a Cafe, at 1905 K.Manolikakis and D.Savakis functioned the first cinema, which constituted a necessary supplement of Municipal Garden.

At Winter 1918, municipality of Chania ask the tree grower and agronomist Konstantinos Spai the renovation of the Garden. Old trees are chopped down, so new with delicate flavor grow up, like sour orange trees and Apollo's laurel. The old parterre at both sides of the entrance replaced by new one, which looked like a butterfly on a flower, while the central great parterre was in shape of archaic amphora.

A maze with only one entry is configured in the western part of the garden, to roam between shady streets surrounded by huts and rest at the seperated benches. It was also provided the creation of two small lakes connected by a stone bridge, so that children could enjoy themselves.

In 1928 a part of the flowers going to the Eleutherios Venizelos' house, planted in the Garden. 9-12-1898: Beginning of the Cretan State.

9/12/1898 - The Commence of the Cretan State

1900: The first international trade fair of Chania,that took place at the Public Garden, was an unique event, in which 701 exhibitors by Crete,rest of Greece and abroad took place.

Patris, 27th July 1900

1905: The first Outdoor Cinema of the town is created in the Municipal Garden, a center of important cultural and visual "approaches" until today.

1/12/1913 - The ceremony of the Union of Crete with Greece is celebrated at Firkas Fort with the presence of Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos.

1924-1927: The town's Clock Tower is built at the North-East corner of the Municipal Garden of Chania.