1936: The new building is created in the Municipal Garden, by businessman Andreas Hatzidakis, which houses "Kipos cafe" to this day.

It is a unique historic cafe in Greece, with rich historical past, as it has hosted the Cretan Parliament and important personalities like Eleftherios, Sofoklis Venizelos, Nikitas Sofoklis Venizelos, Nikos Kazantzakis, artists and other intellectuals. For decades now, "Kipos cafe" has been a remarkable cultural space, offering deed to the local society and ideally combining unique forms of entertainment for all ages (talent shows, music nights, various cultural events and festivals). Great artists like Mimis Plessas, Giannis Vogiatzis, Jimmy Panousis, Jenny Vanou and many more have taken part in numerous of the above events.

1968: Gerasimos Bonanos from Kefalonia takes over "Kipos cafe" and runs it for the next twenty years.

"Kipos Cafe - 19th Century"

1988: On the 9'h of April, Vasilis Stathakis, who had been the manager of the business until then, takes over and gives a new life to the look and philosophy of the place. With modern facilities and respect to the tradition the business expands its activities to catering.

1990: The first catering service in Crete is founded under the name "Kipos Catering".

2005: "Kipos cafe" successfully organizes the first Panhellenic Waffle Night. The distinctive title "Waffle's House", which is granted through franchise to the whole of Greece and Cyprus, is added to the "Kipos cafe" logo.

2012: Literary evenings, visual happenings and gastronomy festivals are being organized at "Kipos cafe" to this day.